It is a great sin to consider oneself weak - Swami Vivekananda

Considering yourself weak is a big sin Swami Vivekananda by priyanka pal 19 mar 2024 0645 pm jagranjoshcom

Thoughts of Swami Vivekananda Swamiji believed that the history of this world is the history of those special people who believed in themselves. This is confidence. Which awakens the infinite powers sleeping within. It is because of not awakening this power that a person fails.

Know Yourself Vivekananda said that first of all believe that there is a purpose behind the world with its mistakes and its difficulties. That is, you must first know yourself. So don't look back, move forward with infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm and infinite patience.

Move forward: Swamiji said that to keep moving forward, fill your mind with high thoughts and high goals every day. These should be printed before your eyes, morning and evening, day and night. Through these thoughts great efforts and great deeds manifest themselves.

It is a great law of creation that to accomplish a great goal, one has to show patience, effort and great effort. Don't mourn the mistake. Start again immediately. Character is built only by continuing to move forward even after thousands of mistakes and stumbles.

Objective Swami says that if you want to get money and fame then you want to be successful for selfish reasons. Still I will not stop you. But always keep making your aim bigger and bigger. Always try with determination to accomplish this.

Karma: You always have the right on the work, not on the result. As you come to know your mind, you will come to know that action is the result. Because as you act, you immediately become that person.

Be determined, be determined, I will never blame anyone. Resolve that I will not blame any power or fate other than myself. Take responsibility for every incident yourself. By doing this you will know that you are capable of handling whatever events unfold to you.