List Of Most Intelligent Birds In The World

List of most intelligent birds in the world by anshika verma 19 mar 2024 0700 pm jagranjoshcom

Raven the raven which resembles crows quite a bit is another of the smartest birds numerous novels have featured them as the main character due to their striking black feathers and eyes

Kea because they must utilise their small bird brain to solve logical puzzles in order to obtain food kea live in a hard alpine habitat they are incredibly good at dragging things

Jackdaw despite being the smallest bird in the corvid family jackdaws are not less intelligent because of their size these birds are curious and have an eye for shiny objects

Forktailed drongo the tropics and subtropics of africa are home to the mediumsized forktailed drongo their entire body is coated in glossy black feathers steals and tricks people to get his daily food

Crow crows are among the most intelligent birds in the animal kingdom according to scientists crows belong to the corvid family which is composed of ravens jays and magpies

Clark’s nutcracker there are three species of nutcrackers three types of nutcrackers clarks nutcracker huge spotted nutcracker and spotted nutcracker of the three clarks nutcracker is the most intelligent

African grey parrots throughout the world parrots are among the most popular species they are not only magnificent birds but also very smart and intellectual creatures